Harpswell Historical Society

Incorporated 1979

929 Harpswell Neck Road
Harpswell, Maine  04079

The Harpswell Historical Society is dedicated to the discovery, identification, collection, preservation, interpretation, and dissemination of materials relating to the history of Harpswell and its people.

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Harpswell Historical Society
Early Warrants

Below you will see two early (1756 & 1758) warrants with our best translation of what they say.

By Virtue of A warrant to Me Directed by the Committee In his Majesties name I Hereby (notifie and) warn all The freeholders, and other inhabitants of the Second Precinct in North. yarmouth, qualified according To Law, To vote in Precincts Meetings, That the
Appear at the house of William Alexander on Thursday the Nineteenth Day of This First February, at Ten of The Clock in the forenoon Then and there to Act on the following perticulers ______Viz________

  1. To Chuse A Moderator
  2. To Have A True Acount of The Money The Precinct have raised_________
  3. To See wt. the prec. Think Proper to Do with the former Collectors that have noting (sic) Par (sic) in There Respective Assessments
  4. To See if The Prec. will make A Revocation in Part or Extenuation in The Second vote Passed one April ye 23 A.D. 1755_______ And any other Perticulers they Think proper to act on ___ day Given under my Hand This fourth Day of Feb Anno Domini nostri Christi 1756   E.C
    Per Sam Eaton Clerk

To the Constable of Merryconeege Neck
commonly so called, but by an act of ye honorable
Court is incorporated into a Seperate district by the
name of Harpswell. Therefore to ye Constable of Harpswell

Greetings ...pursuant to ye Power to me granted
by Capt. John Minot Esq, To issue forth a Warrant
to notifie ye Freeholders, and other Inhabitants of Harpswell
to Meet Together, and According to power to me granted
by John Minot Esq; I do hereby in his Majestys name Order, and
require you to forthwith, to Notifie and Warn ye Freeholders and other
Inhabitants of Harpswell living on ye Island called Great
Sebascodegin to Appear and Meet together at ye Town Meeting
to be held at Harpswell, and at ye House of William Alexanders
in ye Town on Thursday ye 30th day of the Instant March.
Then and therein to meeting to choose such officers ye law di-
rects etc. _______Given under my hand and seal at Harpswell
March 25 175