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Incorporated 1979

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The Harpswell Historical Society is dedicated to the discovery, identification, collection, preservation, interpretation, and dissemination of materials relating to the history of Harpswell and its people.

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Life in Harpswell Maine in the Early to Mid 1900's
Judith Howard

By the Third, Fourth and Fifth Graders at
Harpswell Islands &
West Harpswell Schools

A 1997-98 Harpswell History Project

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Allen's Seafood
Henry Barnes
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The Dead Ship of Harpswell
Clem Dunning
Judith Howard
Harpswell Hotels
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Arnold LeMay
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Ken & Marge Wille
Mary Wilson
Mary & Eleanor Wilson
The Witch Of Harpswell
Gerry York

Judith Howard

An Early Settler

Judith Howard was an early settler at a place called Sebascodeagan Island in Harpswell. She lived by herself. No one knew where she came from. People thought that she didn't have any relatives. They whispered about Judith and said she was a witch.

She liked to gather herbs and roots so she could help cure a lot of people.

She told her neighbors not to bury her anywhere near Lambo who was an Indian. She said if they buried her there she would haunt them.

When Judith died, they buried her near old Lambo. Then people started hearing strange noises and they said that was Judith. They then had a meeting and decided to move her body because of all the strange noises, The neighbors said that after she died, they kept on seeing strange sights and hearing strange noises, The neighbors took what was left of her body and put it on sleds and carried her body about two miles away. Then all the people were happy.

After Judith was moved, the noises, the noises stopped.